We continue with Jim Hoiby’s Lessons on Life — with #4 as Today’s Tip. “Quality DOES matter and is worth paying more for.” While Jim said this to me i[...]
Today we are on Jim Hoiby’s Lesson #3 of six. Be BOLD! I have touched on this before, but it bears repeating especially since it came from Jim. Before I worked for and then e[...]
Today we are on Jim’s Lesson #2:  “You have more skills than you realize and can do more with them than you believe.” This can be especially helpful to remem[...]
Today’s Tip:  Learn from Jim Hoiby! I had a wonderful mentor early in my life.  His name was Jim Hoiby.  Jim was an incredible friend, colleague, boss, and vis[...]
Today’s Tip goes back to the Bible … Give and ye shall receive … and I add this” Don’t and you won’t … especially in genealogy”! I a[...]
Today’s Tip:  Don’t always take silence as a ‘no’ response. I have been working on a story for several months now.  No, not that I am that slow a [...]
Today’s Tip:  Go ahead, step out on your genealogical glass ledge! In Chicago, where I live, there is a marvelous, if a bit off-putting experience you can have in call t[...]
Today’s Tip:  Consider ‘The Cloud’ for some of your genealogy work. Personally, I get a good laugh out of all the talk of ‘the Cloud’ like it is [...]
Today’s Tip:  As a genealogist and family historian …. never quit learning! We as genealogy buffs continually come across those items that we have never seen befor[...]
Today’s Tip:  Be genuine in your genealogy. It may be easy to talk-the-talk, but we, as family historians, must walk-the-walk! As the holidays approach we all have more [...]