Welcome to the conclusion of our 1866 exclusive translation of ‘The History of the Town of Veselý’ from the Czech genealogy volumes of Amerikán Národní Kalendář.  Today[...]
Welcome back to 1886!  We have an all new and, as always, exclusive translation from the Czech genealogy wonder books of Amerikán Národní Kalendář! Enjoy this fabulously detailed s[...]
We continue in 1886 Czech America today with our exclusive English translation from the wonderful annual Czech-American journal Amerikán Národní Kalendář. Our author takes us on a [...]
Welcome back to 1886!  We continue with our exclusive translation from the 1886 annual edition of the amazing Czech-American journal Amerikán Národní Kalendář.  We pick up where we[...]
We are back in 1886 Czech America today.  If you have been following the previous posts regarding the Czech Cultural Gardens, you might be expecting another chapter in this story. [...]